6 Month Baby Diet

6 month baby diet

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S?a SMA Progress t? 6 tháng tu?i tr? lên- UK

S?a SMA Progress t? 6 tháng tu?i tr? lên- UK

What is SMA Progress*?

SMA Progress is a follow-on milk which is specially made to provide important nutrients that your baby needs but in a smaller amount of milk than infant formula, so your baby still has an appetite for food.
What benefits are in SMA Progress?
“When should I use SMA Progress?”
Progress should be used as part of a mixed weaning diet from six months of age and can be used up until your baby is two years old.
Baby with glass

“What are the benefits of using SMA Progress?”

Your baby is born with a store of iron but this is used up by around 4-6 months of age. Therefore, it is essential your baby obtains the required amount of iron (and vitamin C which helps ensure the iron is absorbed), from her diet. This is where SMA Progress steps in. During and even after the weaning period, it can be difficult for babies to fulfil their nutritional requirements for iron and other key nutrients from the amount of food they consume. Feeding your baby 500-600 ml of SMA Progress each day, from six months old, and a minimum of 350 ml per day from one year old, in addition to a healthy weaning diet, can help ensure she is receiving all the nutrients needed to assist her growth and development.

The UK Department of Health and the Food Safety Authority of Ireland recommend not giving cows’ milk as the main drink during the first year as cows’ milk contains very little iron or vitamins C and D.

Did you know?
SMA Progress contains 40 times more iron than cows’ milk.
“Which formats are available?”

* 450 g and 900 g cans of powder – ideal at home
* Ready to use cartons of 500 ml & 250 ml - perfect when you're at home or out and about with your baby.

If you have any concerns about your child, contact your GP or other healthcare professional.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: SMA PROGRESS is a follow-on milk for babies over 6 months and is not intended to replace breast feeding. When used in conjunction with solid feeding, it provides the nourishment essential to a baby's healthy and sustained growth.

Baby Girl Emma (left), R2 (center), Smokey (right)

Baby Girl Emma (left), R2 (center), Smokey (right)

Smokey was my first adopted feral cat in November of 2003. He was trapped by a lady and was approximately 8-months old per my Vet. He was so scared and it was obvious that he had NEVER had any human contact. With lots of patience and love Smokey has become the sweetest most loving cat I've ever had. He still retains his fear of strangers but is getting better with that daily. R2 was adopted in March of 2006 from Petco when he was 8-weeks old. He was the most active then and still is to this day. I have to put him on a diet as he is over weight (18#) per his recent Vet visit.His weight doesn't deter his climbing skills...he's so agile and loves heights! He loves to fetch his blue foam ball and gives lots of kisses and give love bites. He loves all visitors. In January 2008, my dear sweet Stormy Girl went to the Rainbow Bridge. I had called my Vet to ask them if they had any kittens and if they would call me. Meagan said they don't often get kittens but that she would keep me in mind just in case. Well in May 2008, Meagan called with great news! They had 2 kittens left outside their office in a box. I adopted Baby Girl Emma from my Vet. The Vet said that she was about 6-weeks old. She has beautiful markings as you can see and is the sweetest most talkative cat. She also fetches and loves her stuffed animals and loves napping with me. I've adopted cats all my life and wish I could help more homeless kitties. As you can see from this photo, all my cats love each other and as I live alone, they are the best companions I could ever ask for. I love them dearly.

6 month baby diet

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6 month baby diet

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